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Source Field for the Elimination & Eradication of the Chromatics of Time

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„Feeling and looking younger with total ease!“

Dissolving of Wrinkles
Dissolve everything that creates wrinkles…

As people’s skin begins to age, the refraction of light on your skin is reduced.
That’s why younger people look more alive.
In order to experience this even in old age, there is the possibility with this special energetic body process, this time factor and refraction process with all preservation attitudes and rating systems will Dissolve.

So you can actually change the structure of the DNA!
What would that mean for You, Your body and Your face?

Further information and detailed explanation and guidance on the Access Consciousness® body processes will be given during a class or in a personal treatment and additionally accompanied with verbal processes during a treatment to help you become aware of these conscious and unconscious limitations
and if you choose to solve it.

During a class, you give each of this processes once for 60 – 90 minutes or receive them, in a treatment, you will receive this treatment over 90 minutes.

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Young and radiant into old age!

Further information and interesting topics about body and well-being are published here continuously.

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